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Finding help for your addiction is stressful. Let one of our Addiction Professionals guide you to the best help today!

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What kind of addiction treatment is right for you?

At theaddictionplace.com, we believe treatment for addiction in a safe and comfortable environment is critical to an addicts recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. We will guide you to a place that will give you the tools you’ll need for success. We will provide you with a clinical assessment to provide you with the best options to treat the disease of addiction effectively. This will give you the opportunity to recover for the long term.

drug and alcohol detox is necessary

Detox Services

Medical detox is the process by which harmful drug toxins and residues are removed from the patient’s tissues, and their body allowed to naturally purify itself. As a result of this sudden absence of the person’s drug of choice, the body returns to its former state of equilibrium.

Inpatient drug alcohol treatment

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Addiction isn’t a moral failing or a personal weakness. Their brain’s craving for dopamine compels the individual to seek out and use their drug of choice (physical addiction); or they take drugs to be able to deal with their everyday lives (mental addiction).

outpatient treatment centers

Outpatient Treatment

Long-term sobriety requires ongoing, intensive treatment and a strong support network. theaddictionplace.com will provide you continued care and support through a convenient yet powerful evening outpatient program that helps develop the skills needed to sustain your recovery.

sober living house in a safe and comfortable clean atmosphere

Sober Living Environments

Many find that it is not only helpful, but often essential for them to live among other sober individuals during the early stages of their recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction. Residential rules and guidelines provide a necessary sense of structure and community.

We help our clients discover new hope, reclaim their lives and gain the skills needed for long-term recovery in the real world.

freedom sober houses

Real Life Recovery – Gain practical skills and have daily opportunities to practice them in a setting that provides opportunity for success.

Experienced Treatment Team – Work with a skilled treatment team made up of psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, recovery coaches and clinical care coordinators.

Intensive Family Program – Incorporate loved ones into the treatment process through family therapy sessions, family education and family weekends.

Lifelong Connections – Develop lasting connections with those sharing similar struggles.

Affordability – Get highly effective, affordable treatment that fits your financial ability.

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