Structured Support After Treatment

Once you’ve completed the treatment arranged, we encourage you to participate in an aftercare program. It’s free of charge and can help provide the support and structure you need to ease back into everyday life while maintaining recovery.

A Recovery ‘Check-In’

An aftercare program consists of a six-week process group that meets one night a week at approved addiction treatment center. In the aftercare addiction recovery phase, we provide a supportive environment, monitor your progress and are able to quickly help if you regress or slip in your recovery, returning you to a higher level of care if needed.

If you’ve transitioned into a sober-living environment after treatment, we stay in close contact with your care providers so that we are all on the same page with your progress, attendance, and participation in meetings and recovery-oriented tasks. This relationship helps us support you in anyway necessary.

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Aftercare is an opportunity to “check-in” with regards to your recovery journey. It includes:

  • Continued structure and support after treatment
  • A chance to share with the rest of the group where you’re at with sponsorship, getting a job and relationships, as well as any struggles you’re facing along the way
  • An opportunity for other group members to encourage you or express any concerns they have about areas in which they see you struggling
  • A strong family component (’s Family program ties into the Aftercare program, meeting one night a week.)
  • Drug testing
  • A seamless transition to an Alumni program

Easing back into life at home isn’t always smooth without a support network and ongoing care. Following treatment, you may miss the structure, pace and personalized attention you enjoyed during treatment. At, we’re committed to guiding you as you become firmly established in recovery from addiction.

When I my family hosted an intervention with my recovery coach for my heroin and pain pill addiction I was hopeless. I found a new way of living by following a few spiritual principals and guidelines to redirect the way I was living and for that I am grateful. Thanks Guys!

Jamie D.

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