All of our drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs are tailored to each client’s specific issues, needs and beliefs. Each program uses highly effective, evidence-based therapies within a 12-step framework and includes a full year of support and monitoring following treatment.

Our comprehensive and client-centered drug and alcohol rehab program includes:

  • An individual evaluation with an experienced and compassionate clinician to place you in the treatment program best suited to your needs
  • Effective dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring issues such as depression, anxiety and trauma
  • Individual therapy sessions to address the issues underlying your substance abuse
  • Group therapy sessions that enhance communication skills and offer support throughout treatment
  • Education about addiction and co-occurring disorders
  • A focus on developing a healthy lifestyle, including visits to the gym
  • Training in life skills that are integral to recovery, such as grocery shopping and maintaining a healthy living environment
  • Time to relax and enjoy the southern Florida climate at the nearby beaches, parks and more

Inpatient drug alcohol treatment

At, you’ll live in a comfortable, real-world environment, not one that is far removed from daily life. With plenty of support and supervision, you’ll have daily opportunities to practice your recovery skills in a setting that resembles life at home. This will prepare you for a smooth transition into the next stage of your recovery and help you guard against relapse.

Our Treatment Centers focus on addiction education and relapse prevention to build a strong foundation for long-term recovery. Family is included every step of the way to ensure each client returns to a supportive home environment. Learn more about our family programs.

A Supportive Community

Your treatment team will be made up of experienced alcohol and drug rehabilitation professionals. Upon entering our rehab program, you’ll become a member of a warm and supportive community made up of addiction treatment professionals, a caring support staff, others struggling with addiction, and inspirational alumni who have been where you are now.

When I my family hosted an intervention with my recovery coach for my heroin and pain pill addiction I was hopeless. I found a new way of living by following a few spiritual principals and guidelines to redirect the way I was living and for that I am grateful. Thanks Guys!

Jamie D.

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