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theaddictionplace.com provides a safe and structured therapeutic environment. Our mission is to help those struggling with addictions and psychological disorders discover new hope and transform their lives through comprehensive, individualized treatment programs grounded in the 12-step methodology.

We Believe:

Addiction Is Not a Choice.

TheAddictionPlace.com’s approach to addiction treatment is based on the knowledge that addiction is not a choice or a matter of will power, but a dis-ease. According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), the American Medical Association (AMA) and a growing body of scientific research, drug addiction is a chronic brain dis-ease that requires comprehensive, tailored treatment to achieve lasting recovery.

addiction is a brain disease according to the top leading medical professionals

Recovery Involves Every Fiber of Your Being.

We know that recovery from addiction to be successful it requires more than just treating the symptoms; it requires treating the mind, body and spirit as well. It’s essential to heal physically, mentally and spiritually for lifelong recovery. The focus is on every aspect of your life and possible co-occurring mental health issues as well as other factors. We also help you discover the types of therapy that resonate with you the most, the extracurricular activities that nourish your spirit, and the many ways in which proper nutrition and exercise can support you along the way.

When I my family hosted an intervention with my recovery coach for my heroin and pain pill addiction I was hopeless. I found a new way of living by following a few spiritual principals and guidelines to redirect the way I was living and for that I am grateful. Thanks Guys!

Jamie D.

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