Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Choosing the right drug and alcohol treatment center is extremely important. We understand that not everyone will want to go out of state for substance abuse treatment.  This is why we’ve built relationships with treatment centers to offer options on where you can go. 

The substance abuse treatment industry is overwhelmed with people needing treatment and this is why you need the support to get into drug and alcohol treatment centers. We are here to help you in any way we can.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment

There is no single approach to recovery from drug addiction that is effective for everyone. At theaddictionplace.com, we tailor our approach to meet your particular needs and then guide you through every part of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process. Many of our substance abuse treatment team members have been successful in battling their own addictions, which provides the additional credibility and empathy so critical in nurturing relationships and strengthening your motivation to heal.

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drug and alcohol detox is necessary

Detox Centers

Before embarking on one of our structured, personalized addiction treatment programs, clients may need to complete drug and alcohol detox. Our caring and compassionate staff is on hand to coordinate a safe, comfortable detox and ensure a smooth transition into the a treatment center.

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outpatient treatment centers

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) is available to anyone who needs structure and support on their recovery journey, whether or not they’ve participated in residential treatment centers Massachusetts or anywhere else. Outpatient treatment takes place three to five nights a week for 15 weeks and includes intensive group therapy with a master’s level therapist. We also offer a free 6-week aftercare program that helps clients maintain lifestyle and behavior changes learned in treatment.

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